I Was There When


                      If you are in your 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 100 year old. 


Our readers would like you to share historical events that happened during your life time  and you were there or were a part of history when it happened, you might even have some pictures to share with them. You can e-mail me your story & pictures.  

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My name is Max Harris ~ I am 93 years old ~ I Live in Redondo Beach, California“THE DAY THE JAPANESE ATTACKED THE UNITED STATES”  

My Story:

Most people don’t know that December 7th 1941 was not the day Japan attacked the United States ~ On that dated they attacked Pearl Harbor, at that time Hawaii was not part of the United States . 

The first attack I know of was the one I witnessed. It was a around 10:00 am in the morning, it was a quiet morning  and me and my girl friend we were walking along the beach. All of a sudden out of no where, American Bombers ~ 6 of them flew right over us and started dropping bombs about 500 yards from the shore line, they then circled back and did it again ~ they dropped at least 50 bombs and then flew away ~ the next thing I knew was there was about 200 hundred soldiers appeared and they quickly closed the beach.

Later that day on the radio ~ the news broadcast said  that a Japenense 2 Man Submarine had been sited of the coast of Redondo and it was destroyed ~ 2 days later  it washed up on the shore and it was true, inside they found the bodies of 2 Japanese Naval officers. As history now shows, this was not the only time this happened. AND I WAS THERE!


It was October 4th 1942, I was 26 years old


Life Is Like A Waterfall

The  Beauty Of Life

In its begining, it starts like a small stream, flowing gently as it cascades thru mountains and  canyons,

it then gradually grows untill  it becomes a river.

Over time as it flows,  it continually changes and at last it has the power to move things as it cascades forward it changes it path,

eventually,  it comes to a place that it flows over a drop off and all , of a suuden it has become a waterfall.

Beautiful, alive, and majestics, what a thing of beauty to behold, then as it began it now quietly becomes a quiet river again

and gently flows into a lake or the ocean and becomes something much larger than it was..

LIke all of us, it had a beginning, a path to follow and it grew over time, like all of us a thing of beauty, then finally it came

to a beautiful ending.

Beating the Clock

Title: ” Eighty & Going Strong”

From  Our Reader:  Charlie Brown ~ No Relation to the Cartoon Character
                                         He is 81 and Lives in Clear Lake California 

My secret of living long is very simple, each morning I get up look at the beauty around me, I close my eyes and have a conversation with myself. It goes like this, I will not let being older stop me from doing the thing I like to do, so, body of mine, heal thyself, cure anything that ails me, let  my body heal its self, repair anything that not functioning right and renew the vitality and strength I had when I was forty years old.  

The question is can the body heal itself and repair the damage I have done to it, because of all the bad habits I have put it through when I was younger. I believe the answer is yes.

Let me give you an example, I have not been sick or had an illness in the last 10 years. I just went to my heart doctor last week and my hearts reading were 117 over 77, plus my heart beats at 62 beats a minute. Not bad for an old fisherman.

So hear is my advise, take it or leave it.  Get up each and everyday and believe that your mind and what you believe in  can have a positive  effect on your life, your body and your longevity.  Plus go to the doctor and have him check you at least every 6 month to verify that your mind and body did their job.

If your ever in this area stop by and let me know your comimg. Send me an e-mail and I guarantee to add excitement to your life and make your heart race. There is nothing more exciting than catching a bass at 7:00  a.m in the morning.


                                             I WOULD  LIKE YOU TO TELL US YOURS

                If you are in your 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 100 year old. 

Our readers would like you to share your secrets of longevity and how  you have beat the aging clock and lived so long. And what advice you can share with them and give them.

Your wisdom is priceless and you may be able to add days even years to peoples lives. 
Just E-mail me your stories and secrets and I will share them with the world

Send to:    carl@70plusclub.com

Today I saw A Rainbow

Today I Saw A Rainbow

If I could Catch A rainbow, I would do it, just for you,

And, share with you its beauty, on the days your feeling  blue. 

If I could. I would build a mouintain, you could call your own.

A place of serinity, a place to be alone. 

If I could, I would take your troubles, and toss them out to sea,

But these things, I’m finding, are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain, or catch a rainbow fair,

Let me be, what I know best, a friend, who’s always there.

The many wonders of life lie ahead,  for those of us over 70, each and every day should be a new adventure.

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